#AwardWapsi is just another PR stunt

Over the last couple of months, we have seen writers, artistes and intellectuals from all over the country return the awards bestowed to them in protest against the growing intolerance in the country. They believe that the conservative government at the centre headed by PM Modi are to be implicitly blamed for the atmosphere of intolerance that has lead to vicious attacks on rationalists and various religious minorities in India.

Although, I like to believe that their intentions are pure and their concerns genuine, but as they say, if you repeat something long enough, people start loosing interest. This is exactly what’s happening with these so called intellectuals who are way past their prime and are now trying to gain attention by calling press conferences merely to return their awards, a politically motivated exercise in my opinion.

Moreover, on close scrutiny you find just how far from truth their allegations are. Take for example, the cases of the Kalburgi murder and the Dadri lynching, both of which happened in states not ruled by the BJP but none of these self-righteous morons held the state governments accountable for the said instances. Furthermore, the anti-Pakistan protests in Mumbai were staged by the Shiv Sena, a weak ally in the government who share strained relations with the BJP.
Also, it is interesting to note that after 68 years of independence and seeing India go through some of the most devastating communal riots the world has ever seen, it is only now they have decided to raise their voice.

Conclusively, this protest is nothing but a manifestation of the pathological hatred these regressive liberals share for Narendra Modi and by attacking him they are trying to divert people’s attention from the more important policy issues; the policies which would inevitably improve not just the economic fabric of the country but mind you, also the social fabric of the country as a consequence of equitable wealth redistribution.
Lastly, as a proud Indian, I am positive that this benign attempt of the opposition to de fame the government by pitching intellectuals against them with the help of the partisan media will go in vain because the constituent of this country realise that Modi is the only man who can get them out of their woes and lead India to socio-economic glory.


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