Delhi is a F*ckin’ Chaos

With the parliament not functioning, a bitter fight between the CMO & PMO and the pollutions level so high that it is difficult to breathe, our beloved city of Delhi has turned into a high stake war zone for mighty reputations and the concerns of citizens are becoming increasingly secondary.

As we enter the final fortnight of 2015, the politics in this city keeps getting uglier each passing day. As Modi’s wide ranging policies start to take shape, Sonia Gandhi has clearly lost her mind and made it clear that she will not let the parliament function unless the BJP comes begging at her feet. In my opinion, the saffron party needs to keep up the good work both on the administrative and policy side but sacrifice legislation for some time because there is no point arguing with a woman who can’t accept the fact that her “mother-in-law’s” party is a declining power.

At the same time, our bumbling CM Arvind Kejriwal has found yet another reason to attack Prime Minister Modi, and is now implying that the CBI raid on his principal secretary is in in fact a plot by the BJP to threaten him in some way. The demolition drive carried out by the railways, which allegedly led to the death of a 6 month old infant became another reason for the ugly turf war between the state and central governments. Although, in both cases, there isn’t enough evidence to come to a conclusion as to which part is making the right assertions, it can be said that Kejriwal doesn’t miss an opportunity to bait the centre and the latter walks into it rather easily. Ultimately, it is the ordinary Dilliwallah which suffers every time Kejriwal makes any move by the centre a pride issue.

Furthermore, 2016 is going to take an interesting start with the Odd-Even formula notified by the Delhi Government wherein odd number cars would be allowed to ply only on odd numbered days and vice versa. Also, the NGT has banned the sale of diesel vehicles entirely which has led to an enormous pile up with car dealerships. While both the moves have certain merits attached to them, they also lack vision and shall only be implemented after analysing all its implications and possible alternatives. That being said, the problem of increasing pollution is indeed real and Delhiites need to be prepared to make certain sacrifices for the sake of their city.

Conclusively, it is needless to say that Delhi is going through scary but at the same time, exciting times, so take a deep breath and hope for the best.


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